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  1. a brief, informal leave from work, taken by an Aborigine to wander the bush, visit relatives, or return to native life.
  2. absence from work.

A spontaneous journey through the wilderness of one’s choosing in an effort to satisfy one’s itchy feet, a need to be elsewhere, the craving for the open road, that space over the horizon.

(Sources: Urbandictionary.com & Dictionary.com)

My walkabout began in June of 2015 when I left my career in education to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. While on the trail I learned very quickly that I didn’t have to end the journey until I was ready. So my walkabout is still continuing as I explore what fulfills me in life. Currently I am living back in SoCal and I am back at a school working away! Every chance I get I refuel my batteries in the great outdoors and through developing my passion for adventure & travel writing.


18 thoughts on “Welcome! Hello World!

    1. Have enjoyed reading your blog, Kim. What an accomplishment!! Will enjoy hearing how your Dad does on the trail. My sister, Lois, and brother Delbert grew up with Doug and your Mom, too My husband and I went to Purdue– ahead of your Mom and Dad.

  1. Avila Family wishes you a safe journey. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more as you purse your dream adventure.

  2. So excited for you and proud of you Kim. I love your posts. They are as close as I will ever get to the trail. My prayers are with you. Hugs, Bill

  3. Ms. V!!!! Oh how I miss you! Happy belated birthday! I sent yo a text but I’m guessing you didn’t get it haha. I hope you are loving your trip and will be looking forward to seeing you after you come back! How long are you gone for? Wish you the best!!

  4. Kim, I have loved every blog! But this one is my favorite and even brought me some tears of blessings. I feel like I am hiking a bit of the train with you and love sharing your adventure. Thank you for the recent postcard. You are amazing!

  5. Met you yesterday on that portion of PCT trail near Tipsoo Lake. I love hearing the stories of the trail. My hat’s off to you and those have gone before you. Be safe and be well. Enjoy your Seattle friends in snoqualmie this weekend.

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